What we are looking for

We at Scattered Pictures are proud of our region and are looking for projects that capture its unique spirit. We will consider TV comedy and drama ideas that can be set within our region and/or feature distinct local characters.

As such we are happy to accept unsolicited projects with a local flavour subject to a few Terms & Conditions

What do we need from you?

As there are just a few of us here at Scattered Pictures we don’t, unfortunately, have time to read through reams of scripts and paperwork. So, ideally your submission should consist of a short one to three page outline of your idea, along with your contact details and a note to say what stage of development your idea is at (treatment/1st draft script/this is it at the moment etc).

Where do I send it?

Please send your submission as a PDF attachment to the following address.

What you can expect from us? 

We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions received, but we regret that we are only able to provide feedback on submissions which we feel have the potential to be developed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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